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[a solo performance and movement practice merging the opening of the self with the possibility of time travel]


[opening] attempts to address questions of:


“how can movement help me open?”

“how can I unstuck what is stuck?”

“how can I access non-linear time in my body?”

“how can I conjure ancestral cellular knowledge and use it to shape the present and future?”

“how does memory live in the body?”

“how can I write myself into the future?”

“how can I move myself into the future?”

“how can I do this work with joy?”


Some of the practices through which [opening] address these questions are movement improvisation, ancestor offering, spoken text, and stream of consciousness speaking.





[opening] was recently presented at Sidewalk Festival in Detroit, August 2019. An early version of the evening length work occurred as a performance event in March 2019 at 2727 California Street in Berkeley, as a culmination of a month long residency.

[opening] has also been performed under various working titles at venues and events including: Detroit Dance Exchange (Detroit, MI, 2019),

Kristi Faulkner Dance's Women's Work at the Boll Theatre (Detroit, MI, 2018), at Light Box (Detroit, MI, 2018). 

opening still
collage from Kathryn Yussof's A Billion
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