teaching practice

​I teach to facilitate experiences where people can connect to their physical existence in liberating, curious, and joyful ways. Class functions for me as a space to imagine, invent, and practice more loving ways of existing together. I believe that movement heals and transforms, and that our survival depends on how we can be in our bodies. My teaching centers truth in the personal and shared experience of each class' participants.

Contemporary Technique

(master class, workshop, or series)

In class, we will move within the place where functional form and pleasure intersect. Class may include:

  • anatomic, somatic, and/or improvisational warm-up that merges mind-body awareness.

  • floor based phrasework, with emphasis on: push vs. pulling action; hip, spine, rib, shoulder mobility and freedom; specificity of hands on the earth; softness moving in and out of the floor.

  • center technique work utilizing simplicity of form and actions of the moving body (such as bend, elongate, fall, reach, swing, rotate) to create clarity and stability in muscle memory and movement intention.

  • improvisational research, solo and/or with partners and groups, based on anatomical, task, or imagery based prompts.

  • traveling and center floor phrasework allowing deeper exploration of concepts of falling, momentum, clarity, arrival, intuition, stillness, weight, and direction.

This class is accessible and adaptable for ages 10 to professional. 


queer time travel*

(master class, workshop, or series)

queer time travel is a class for us to access nonlinear time and move into the future, together. In qtt, creating a liberated future demands that we actively shape, feel, and model what this means in the present. We work towards states of being where we can access both the past and the future at once. qtt puts trust in movement that prioritizes joy as an act of survival, and of writing ourselves into the future. In qtt:

  • We use improvisation as the basis of connecting to our sensation, trusting our bodies, and accessing memory and desire within a present, live, body.

  • We reclaim and reinvent movement form as an act of decolonization. We prioritize feeling as integral to form, and by centering what feels good as the impetus for movement legibility, we subvert western social notions of posture and how the body should look.

  • We practice ways to identify places of holding in our bodies and discover how to move with, through, and past that holding, to move towards an infinitely open and available body. As we deepen our availability to sense and move, we discover the magnitude and magic of our power to access infinite directions of information at once.

  • In shifting our relationship to form and expanding our availability to access unlimited sensation, we unearth our ability to experience time as non-linear. Non-linear time in the body is accessing ancestral knowledge in our cells and psychic intuition of our gut. We remember where we came from and imagine where we are going. We shape the present reality guided by our dreams and deepest joys.


As we cultivate our magic and travel through (and with) time, we actualize the transformative power of our existence. We assert that our bodies can be a space of freedom and pleasure and we shape space within the studio to invent our own attainable utopia.

This class is available and accessible for all levels of movers, ages 16 and up. 

*note: queer time travel gets its name initially from grafitti in a coffee shop bathroom in Eugene, Oregon. The name is also shared with the publication Bædan: journal of queer time travel. This class shares the name of these references in part due to a very queer time travel road trip I took in Fall 2018 for which a lot of the thinking and research for this class began. queer time travel was taught as a month long workshop in residency at 2727 California Street in Berkeley, CA, in March 2019. queer time travel is in process of developing a new name for itself.